The Rose

The Rose is one of a South Korean band. They debuted on 3rd August 2017 with “Sorry”. “Sorry” is really a good song and easy to listen over and over. I personally falling in love at the first heard to their song, their song is really different and has their own vibes. In 2018 The rose won in International K-Music Awards for Most Promising Artist.

The Rose consists of four member : Kim Woosung as a vocalist and guitarist.  Park Dojoon as a Keyboardist, guitarist, and sub-vocal. Lee Hajoon as a drummer and Lee Jaehyeong as a bassist. @Todaystageid announced in their Instagram that The Rose will come to Indonesia soon. But, for the past one week the Rose have a settlement problem with their agency and break for all the activity and probably will delay their comeback and another activity. It such a brokenhearted  news, but I hope everything will be fine for them.

-We rose you

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